beta2.3 Release!

Hi! Thank you for playing Pro Fishing Challenge VR.

Today, we want to announce our latest updates!

1. Behavior of fishes have improved.
We knew that we had to brush up behavior of fishes.
Well, we now made a first brush up. Check it out.
Also, we are going to continue improving the behavior, so wait for them too!

2. Added all seasons for “Small Lake”
Now……spring, summer, and autumn are available in “Small Lake”!
We also brushed up graphic quality too. Go and see the difference!

We are constantly working on to improve Pro Fishing Challenge VR in all kinds of areas.

Have fun!

beta2.2 Release!

In this update, we’ve fixed the tournament and it’s now available again.
2 different kinds of tournaments are held: Daily tournament which is held 3 times a day, and
Rank tournament which is held once a week.
Check details from the link below.

Let’s join tournaments!

Also,all players can now check your records in the game.
Check the tablet and press “Activity” through “Player” button to see it!

Let’s join tournaments!

Do you know that Pro Fishing Challenge VR is holding tournaments any time?

2 different types of tournaments are held.
Daily tournament, which is held 3 times a day, and
Rank tournament, which is held once a week.

If you win the tournament, you’ll get large amount of
credits and experiences for the game.
Now, let’s try it!

What is Daily tournament?

It’s a tournament held 3 times a day.
Each tournament is held for 2 hours. Also, it’s possible to join all
3 tournaments in a day.

Daily tournament is available from the beginning of the game,
so everyone can enjoy it.


During the tournament, you are aloud to try fishing once
in an appointed lake.
Fish as many fish which was chosen as a target for the tournament as possible. The time limit is 15 minutes.

You’ll compete by the total weight of the fish you’ve caught.

If you’re ranked in the top 10, you’ll win credits and experiences for the game.

What is Rank tournament

It’s a tournament held once a week.
Each tournament will be held for a whole week.

Rank tournament will be available when you reach level 10.
It’s for anglers getting used to the game.

In this tournament, anglers will be separated by their rank, which is defined by their score of the tournament.
Your rank changes according to your score.
As a result, good players are likely to reach to the higher level,
so it’s easier to compete with a player who ranks with you.

There are 5 different ranks and you win larger prize as you get to the higher rank.




You are aloud to challenge 4 times during the tournament.
Time limit of each of the challenge is 15 minutes and your
score will be the total weight of the target fish you’ve caught.

You can win prize if you rank in the top 10, but there’s also a border of the score you have to pass in the tournament.
The border judges whether your rank goes up or down.
There is a low border and a high border.

If your score is higher than the high border, your rank goes up.
If your score is lower than the low border, your rank goes down.
If your score is between the border, your rank doesn’t change.

Also, if you pass each border, you win credits and experiences.
You don’t have to rank in the top 10 to win prizes.


When rank tournament is available, your rank is not defined yet,
so you have to try pre-tournament to get your first rank.
Beginner, Angler, Pro, will be rewarded according to your score.


You’re going to try fishing in an appointed lake.
You can only try once, and the time limit is 15 minutes.

It judges by how many fishes you’ve caught in the tournament.

beta2.1 Release!

Rent boat is now available

Thank you for giving us such helpful feedback. We are listening and going to make
changes from high-priority tasks.
In this update, we’ve added a rent boat for Fall Bridge Lake.
It’s completely free to use, so have fun!
We’ll continue gathering feedback and make improvements so that
everyone can have a great experience through Pro Fishing Challenge VR.

Detailed change log:
– Added rent boat for Fall Bridge Lake
– Color of the boat changes in multi-player mode to recognize your boat easier.
– “Host: Original color” “1st guest: Green” “2nd guest: Red” “3rd guest: Yellow”


beta2 Release

We have released beta2  of PFC VR on 08th August 2017

This update brings a complete overhaul of the tutorial.
It can be started from the new title screen, make sure to check it out.
A new microtransaction shop was placed on the second floor of the lodge.
Many new items and goods are waiting for you!

Detailed change log:
– Added a new tutorial menu on the new title screen
– Store character progress and inventory on the PFC Online Service (server)
– New modeling of all tackles, hands and wristbands
– Added damage property to tackle, use the workbench to repair your stuff
– Added fuel system to the boat, use the button at the driver seat to refuel
– Changed the starter boat to the electric boat
– Added display of the boat owners name on the fish finder screen
– Added microtransaction currency ‘Tickets’ and a corresponding shop
– A new lake, gloves, wristbands, boats and a ‘Pro Mode’ can be purchased
– Removed arms of the character models due to disparity with users movement
– Disabled tournament feature until further notice