beta2.1 Release!

Rent boat is now available

Thank you for giving us such helpful feedback. We are listening and going to make
changes from high-priority tasks.
In this update, we’ve added a rent boat for Fall Bridge Lake.
It’s completely free to use, so have fun!
We’ll continue gathering feedback and make improvements so that
everyone can have a great experience through Pro Fishing Challenge VR.

Detailed change log:
– Added rent boat for Fall Bridge Lake
– Color of the boat changes in multi-player mode to recognize your boat easier.
– “Host: Original color” “1st guest: Green” “2nd guest: Red” “3rd guest: Yellow”


1 thought on “beta2.1 Release!”

  1. I player 2 or 3 hours, and i see the game need better controls.

    My opinion is when fishing the rod sensation it’s unreal, if move touch control 2 cm for move lure the game make a high movement there is not real sensation. Need to be more “elastic” movement and if make movements when reel this elastic movements are used for better lure action.

    The boat it’s a disaster need to be improved.

    The game mechanics with levels, shop and quest i like it. Only need to refine the fishing sensation and boats and game become perfect.

    Good work and continue with beta phase for make it better game.

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