beta2 Release

We have released beta2  of PFC VR on 08th August 2017

This update brings a complete overhaul of the tutorial.
It can be started from the new title screen, make sure to check it out.
A new microtransaction shop was placed on the second floor of the lodge.
Many new items and goods are waiting for you!

Detailed change log:
– Added a new tutorial menu on the new title screen
– Store character progress and inventory on the PFC Online Service (server)
– New modeling of all tackles, hands and wristbands
– Added damage property to tackle, use the workbench to repair your stuff
– Added fuel system to the boat, use the button at the driver seat to refuel
– Changed the starter boat to the electric boat
– Added display of the boat owners name on the fish finder screen
– Added microtransaction currency ‘Tickets’ and a corresponding shop
– A new lake, gloves, wristbands, boats and a ‘Pro Mode’ can be purchased
– Removed arms of the character models due to disparity with users movement
– Disabled tournament feature until further notice

3 thoughts on “beta2 Release”

  1. The experience is shot with the new Beta. You took away a good boat and experience and gave us a real bad boat. You want a ridiculous amount of money for in game pay-to-win limited purchases. I was really enjoying the first beta, but the new update just gives you a horrible boat and experience and no direction on what to do. I would have paid AAA title pricing for the full game, but its shot now.

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